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Nothing is more beautiful than the nature and the painting sometimes immortalizes it … Sometimes!

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Pierre Brayard, is a French painter, been born on September 17th, 1942, to Saint-Usuge (near Chalon-sur-Saône) in Saône-et-Loire, in Burgundy.
In 1971, he closes his psychologist's cabinet and tries the great adventure of professional painter, but without ever abandoning his researches in the field of the natural psychosomatic (eubiotique) medicine, while teaching half-time as consultant, from 1980 till 1983 in Switzerland. From 1976 till 1988, he gives numerous conferences in universities; mainly in Switzerland. It is the paint which allowed him to finance its searches.
For his paint, he works resting on the modern scientific knowledge and the merciless logic (that he explains the most simply possible for the beginners, without forgetting a quantity of information for the professionals on this site). 
As a result: a very personal working technique in the knife (see the technical section).
It is in February, 1976, while he exposes in San Francisco (USA), while an art critic considers for the first time Pierre Brayard's paint as impressionistic-modern.
As the former, he works according to nature on easel or aboard his bus-workshop. The nature establishes its main source of inspiration. He communicates by his paint his impressions felt in front of a landscape: heat, freshness, peace or storm, even of terror (see its painting "Massacre in Oradour sur Glane"), etc. . 
Contrary to the former, for technical and scientific reasons, he refuses the preliminary drawing (loss of spontaneity, alienation of the superimposed pigments, Left without paint so badly covered, etc.) and any addition likely to strike a blow at the integrity of pigments (turpentine, or other resins, complements to oil, mediums, etc.) even if the work is facilitated. He also excludes the pigments which distort the others mixes it (sulphides of cadmium, zinc oxide, etc.) 
His technique thus differs from that of the former, and from said artists "contemporaries" (sectarian term which aims nowadays only at compromising the alive representational artists who besides are really contemporary, while the art allegedly contemporary style of painting which was emphasized by dead artists today (Picasso, Delaunay, Pointer, Klein, etc.) dates generally the last century! 
Concerning Pierre Brayard's works, seen closely or with a magnifying glass, in spite of the very representational aspect given to the set, them testify of a working mode which joins the abstract! A very personal mode of expression which requires from the precision and a very high speed of execution (8 in 10 "hammering" per second, according to a cameraman of the Belgian television which had filmed him during the World championships of Control (Master's degree) of Pictorial Art which had ironed the movie in slow motion to be able to count them!). 
This speed of execution is imperative not to beat records, but simply not to mix 10 in 20 successive coats of paint (still fresh) between them and to let play at the most the effects of transparency (a working slowness entrainerait a muddy and imprecise aspect). The success of such a work depends essentially of a kind of "hammering" which "patina" the lower layers of pigment while making go back up the sociable disposition on-surface (linseed oil), the work of glacis itself is made according to the implementation of layers, the last one, the one who will be the one of the surface of the work ended request most precision, surface that must be the smoothest possible but should not "disturb" the lower layers! It is this technique finalized after years of search that Pierre Brayard taught in the United States of America and in Europe, the final aspect is reminiscent of that of enamel him, at the same time smooth and shiny .
He does not make a mystery of his work and, from 1976, he begins to teach his technique, said "impressionistic-modern", in San Francisco ( U.S.A) in 1977, we find him in Jerusalem, in 1978, it is in Spain, to San Sébastian, that he gives his first courses in a bus-studio driven specially. This is the way he begins traveling Europe by trainingfollowers in various countries, in particular in Switzerland, in the Luxembourg, in Belgium, and sometimes in France. In each of his internships, he works intensely in demonstration and enriches his personal work: very active and passionate, he realized more than 6.000 paintings in the world in 40 years. 
He stays of long periods without returning in France (he refuses "the art of State" and the French cultural sectarianism, he intends to remain free and does not appreciate the sterile intellectualism, as he likes to say!). More than 90 % of its creations are never brought in in France! He also dedicates his life to forbid his colleagues in the point to begin after his accident, in 1994, a legal training, in the faculty of law of Limoges. 
Pierre Brayard refuses the snobbery (and the speculations) of the business of the art and the "official" shows. Although living on his painting in professional, he considers simply as a pure amateur, and to assert: " the people who really like the art appreciate the quality, I try to satisfy them, the others do not interest me ". Do not look for article concerning him on specialist magazines: he refuses the "bought"(been sold") publicity and the "tricks" of auctions. He sells only except the " traditional circuits " and refuses any assistantship: he always refused any obstacle to his artistic freedom. 
Retired at the moment, he does not paint more than for the pleasure, the large formats rather. If he decided to open a gallery-workshop, it is especially to keep(guard) a human contact with his colleagues and the art lovers. For sales it is of past and he does not say: " I was always a bad seller of my works, I always left the visitors free of their purchases in my exhibitions, without tried to influence them, I have no reason to change behavior, I leave each free of the purchases. As I always loathed these exhibitors who "hang on"("collide") the public by swelling excessively of self-satisfaction with trader's sales pitch of fair, I prefer to forget sales and to speak about technique and about daily problems with the visitors or other artists. To paint is for me a pleasure and I am not a trader, everyone to his trade... I saw quietly my pension(retreat), the time when I painted 10 at 3 pm a day by traveling the world is past, but I still try to improve my technique! I make way for the young artists, regrettably, more and more rare! " 
Important dates punctuated his(her,its) work:
1971: At the beginning of his life of professional artist.
1975: He bases the Order of the French creative artists to Vesoul ( 70 ) 
1976: he obtains 1 ° Price(Prize) of France of paint(painting) then next year, becomes the organizer, in 1977.
1981: He is elected President of the International Order of the Artists Creators.
1987: He(it) obtains the title of champion of the World of Master's degree of Pictorial art, to Bastogne, under sir's presidency Secretary Belge Guy Lutgen.
1989: New golden medal and second title of champion of the World of Master's degree of pictorial Art, to Versoix, near Geneva, in Switzerland.
1990: Affected) by a cancer, he accepts a surgical exérèse but refuses medicine (chemotherapy) or others painkiller and eventually cures (eventually is cured) totally by looking after itself himself according to his conceptions of naturopath. 
1992: Seriously bumped on the road, he is a disabled person in 80 % and rest more than 8 years without painting. It is only in 2000 when he takes back gradually his work of painter, but he moves with difficulty to expose.
2008: Opening of the present web site.
2011: Progressive resumption of exhibitions in Limousin and in Aquitaine, by pure entertainment, retired, he does not look for sales nor administrative harassments which they cause in France, he intends to keep a maximum of liberties to polish up his technique for the work of very large formats (from 2 to 5 meters square) on 
2012: participation with diverse exhibitions, with usual public demonstrations, in Dordogne 
2014: he organizes 4 shows of painting and sculpture in Haute-Vienne (Saint-Junien, Limoges and Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche) and in the Creuse.
2016: He(it) opens with friends, in August, a gallery-workshop to Séreilhac, to 10 km from Limoges (direction Périgueux), where he exposes about sixty works that he will renew every month. 

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